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Achievement of required temperature levels for proper processing and storage definitively means that only a part of requirements for making high quality products has been fulfilled. This because it is well known that, in addition to appropriate temperature level, proper and high quality processing also includes optimum humidity, air flow speed control, cooling and freezing time control and a number of other factors.

Long year experience of our designers and other employees can help you achieve good processing conditions and make top quality products.


Cold stores
Fresh food storage chambers

Various cold storage chambers with temperature range
?0?C / +15?C

  • Fishery
  • Meat and meat product industry
  • Curing and storage facilities for durable and semi-durable smoked meat products

  • Poultry slaughterhouses
  • Cattle and small stock slaughterhouses
  • Fruit and vegetable processing and storage
  • Banana storage and ripening facilities
  • Breweries
  • Milk and milk products manufacture
  • Manufacture of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

  • Construction of cold storage plants for fresh and deep frozen food products

  • Beer fermentation cellar insulation
  • Wine cellar insulation

Technological cooling of food products

Cooling as a part of a manufacturing process
Cooling of various media in
processing industry

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Petrochemical industry

Refrigerated/chilled stores
Cold stores for deep frozen products

Various cold storage chambers with temperature range
-20?C / -30?C



Deep freezing of food products

Batch tunnel freezers with operating temperature range of -30?C/45?C
Continuous ?30?C/45?C
Semi-continuous ?30?C/45?C

  • Continuous tunnel freezers
    • Linear
    • Circular
  • Tunnels designed for freezing of products suspended in air stream
  • Tunnels designed for freezing of products on wire mesh belt conveyors
  • Batch tunnel freezers for
    • packaged and not packaged goods
    • individual or palletised packages
  • Semi-continuous tunnel freezers designed for freezing of products in trolleys or baskets with intermittent movement
  • Plate freezers

Sports & Recreation Facilities

Ice-skating rinks
Bobsled runs
Artificial snow production

  • Indoor and outdoor ice-skating rinks
  • Directly and indirectly cooled bobsled runs

Industrial ice making processes

Ice flakes
Ice cubes/ice blocks?

  • Ice making and storage in fish and meat industry
  • Ice making in catering industry

Power plant cooling stations
Various cooling media for direct and indirect cooling

  • Compressor installations designed to meet cooling loads in food industry as well as in processing industry and comfort air conditioning systems
  • Screw compressors
  • Piston compressors
  • Hermetically sealed compressors
  • Scroll compressors


Have you ever failed to give safety the first priority? If so, let us correct this failure together. Namely, in the process of developing and updating its national legislation, the Republic of Croatia is mainly oriented towards the European Union, which has continued to apply many old standards, but has also introduced some new, very high safety standards in the field of cooling and heating plants. Complying with applicable laws and meeting highly demanding standards does not necessarily require significant investments. On the contrary, our? experts can enable you to comply with all safety regulations with minimum investments, particularly when construction of new facilities is considered. Do not waste your valuable time on issues that you can solve quickly and easily. Being aware that safety deserves more attention is already a major step forward towards the achievement of one's goal.

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