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One of efficient ways to reduce operating costs is to primarily reduce the cost of energy per unit of product. In particular, a part of the energy input should not be wasted after the completion of the manufacturing process but at least partly recovered, i.e. returned in the process. This can be achieved by means of different systems such as energy recovery, energy regeneration, heat pumps and other systems operating on circular process principle and which will bring your "waste" energy to a temperature level that is suitable for use either in the main process or in some other operations where a lower temperature level will suffice. These processes turn?in the "left" and "right" directions and all of them have their "warm" and "cold" side. We are at your disposal for setting the processes to suit your needs in the best possible way.

It is not irrelevant how much electrical power or fuel you will consume per a heating or cooling unit. And you are certainly interested in reducing the energy consumption per unit of product as much as possible. Waste incorporated in your product also means money, and so does the energy. All these elements in energy based processes are sometimes clearly visible. Therefore, let us develop the best solution for you and thus transform the invisible into something real and tangible.

Heat pumps

Energy recovery systems - exchangers

Absorption systems

ORC processes

Adiabatic cooling systems

Other alternative sources of energy

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